Glencairne whiskey glass serving tray with forged handles


This Glencairn glass serving tray with its molded oak top and forged handles adds the class and ambiance for enjoying your favorite whiskey.

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The serving tray is made from white oak and the handles are hand forged steel with forged nails to mount.
The whole tray is finished in beeswax for a nice satin sheen.

The slots for placing the glasses are felt lined and the bottom of the tray has felt pads installed.

Available in three different sizes holding three, four, or five glasses

Dimensions are as follows

For 4 glass trays
Length 23″
Width 3 1/2″
Height 1 1/2″

3 glass trays are 18″ long
5 glass trays are 27″ long

Note: does not come with glencairn glasses

Additional information

Number of glasses

Three glass tray, Four glass tray, Five glass tray